Can the Crop Tool Transform a Photo From Okay to Spectacular?

Can the crop tool transform a photo from okay to spectacular? Usually, when photographers take photos, specifically ones that are intentionally set up, everything in the frame of the photograph has a purpose. Therefore, sometimes photographers are hesitant to crop photographs for fear of eliminating essential parts that convey a story. I definitely struggle with this! Does this feel like […]

How to Capture Amazing Photographs Using Only Household Objects!

Due to the COVID pandemic, many of us young photographers do not have easy access to photography studios. At the beginning of the COVID crisis, I felt stuck and unmotivated. Even though I have been taking photographs at my house since the start of my photography career, when a studio, such as one provided by my photography class, became completely […]

Did I disregard once-in-a-lifetime photos?

These questions probably linger in every photographers’ mind. Did I miss any photos that I should have edited? Should I have edited more photos? Are these photos even edit-worthy? Well, a few days ago I went through some of my photos from my trip to Colorado, and I decided to edit a few. Usually, if I did not edit the […]

Scholastic Keys 2021

This year was my second year submitting to the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. The regional awards (“keys”) were announced a few weeks ago. I was proud of myself no matter what the results were, but I was very excited to recieve multiple awards. I did not expect to receive any recognition for many of the photographs that won an […]


Heritage is an important aspect of who I am. I am proud that my name derives from two outstanding women, my great-grandmothers, that I unfortunately, never got a chance to meet. However, I am able to carry on their memory with my name. I like to integrate my heritage into my modern life by incorporating roses whether that be through […]

Happy New Year!

First off, happy new year! This past year has been crazy with the pandemic. However, a positive thing did come out of 2020. My blog! I started my blog due to the isolation associated with the pandemic. It brought me the opportunity to express myself even more by having the ability to explain the photographs that carry great meaning to […]

Recent Youth Competitions

It is finally winter break! I hope everyone had a productive fall semester. I sure did! This past semester, I entered a few youth competitions, national and international. I heard back from two of them last week. In the Drexel University 2020 Photography Contest, my photograph “Propelling” was chosen to be included in the exhibit. Next, I was included in […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday! Who are you guys thankful for? One of the many people I am thankful for is my brother. For starters, he is generous enough to model for many of my photography projects! Recently, he modeled for a project using cheesecloth. This photo series symbolizes how […]


All of these materials from my kitchen, like parchment paper and tinfoil, have seemed to be useful these past few weeks as I experiment more with photography. During the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a project utilizing tinfoil. I ripped up strips and shapes of one of my history essays and intertwined it with strips and […]

More Parchment Paper!

I was assigned a project to use screens in a photograph. Given my prior amazing experiences with parchment paper, I decided it would be fun to incorporate it into this project. I took my phone, as the screen I needed to use, and put up a photo I took a month or two ago. Then, I placed parchment paper over […]