Combining forms of art: drawing and photography

Hope everyone is having a comfortable transition into the fall season! Back to school can be a stressful time, but I hope you all have something that grounds you. For me, that something is photography.

I had an assignment in my photography class to capture “Boys and Flowers.” We were able to interpret this title however we see it. However, I wanted to try something different. I didn’t just want to take a photo of a boy and literal flowers. Instead, I honed in on my love for alternative processes, and decided to draw on a photograph!

All photographs should have intentions behind them. For this specific piece, I intended to capture a story of how boys interpet flowers. Thus, after photographing a portrait of a young man at my school, I gave him an array of sharpie colors, and asked him to draw however many and types of flowers he pleased.

Consequently, he drew an array of colorful flowers with various stem and petal sizes. From this process, I wanted to juxtapose the stereotype that flowers are strictly dainty and feminine. Boys can enjoy flowers too, whether that be doodling them or even receiving them as a thoughtful gift. I decided to name the photograph, “It’s Okay to Color Out of the Lines” in order to represent this diversion from the stereotype of flowers not being manly while also alluding to the drawing aspect of the photograph.

I encourage all of you to phograph with a deeper meaning: quench your curiosity, tell a story to your viewers, highlight an important cause. Step out of your comfort zone to do so! Keep evolving in your photography!

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