Combining forms of art: drawing and photography

Hope everyone is having a comfortable transition into the fall season! Back to school can be a stressful time, but I hope you all have something that grounds you. For me, that something is photography. I had an assignment in my photography class to capture “Boys and Flowers.” We were able to interpret this title however we see it. However, […]


Heritage is an important aspect of who I am. I am proud that my name derives from two outstanding women, my great-grandmothers, that I unfortunately, never got a chance to meet. However, I am able to carry on their memory with my name. I like to integrate my heritage into my modern life by incorporating roses whether that be through […]

Secret Garden

These past few weeks I’ve been exploring new places while spending time with family. I, of course, took my camera with me just in case I saw something unique or interesting that catches my eye. As a photographer, I almost always discover a fascinating photograph to capture. A week ago, I was taking a stroll down a beautifully lit path […]