The Male vs. Female Gaze

As a photographer for the past seven years, I have watched myself progress, and consequently, have observed common themes within my photographs. Specifically, I have noticed that many of my photographs pertain to perceptions of women and sensuality. This led me to thinking: why do I sway towards these topics and how can I expand on this? Within my 10 […]

Feeling Stuck in Artistic Process? This is For You!

Hi everyone! As of right now, I am working on my AP 2D Art & Design portfolio, so I cannot post any of those photos until the submission date in May. I am hoping to share some photos outside of the class soon during winter break! Today, I want to talk about feeling stuck when pursuing art. This is how […]

Combining forms of art: drawing and photography

Hope everyone is having a comfortable transition into the fall season! Back to school can be a stressful time, but I hope you all have something that grounds you. For me, that something is photography. I had an assignment in my photography class to capture “Boys and Flowers.” We were able to interpret this title however we see it. However, […]

I photographed a singer’s album cover?!

Good afternoon!! Back in June, I wrote about my experience with my first paid photoshoot and gave you all some tips and tricks. Well, the song was released in July, and the art covers have been posted, so now I can show you guys the final reveal of the photographs I captured! Before you scroll to see the photos, I […]

Commerical Photography: 5 Tips and Tricks

A few weeks ago I spent time photographing an up and coming teenage singer-songwriter in my area, and wanted to share with you guys what I learned. This was one of my first times photographing for money. Thus, it was a new experience for me, and I would like to share with you guys some of my observations and tricks […]

Tips and Tricks to Photographing in a New Environment!

Hi everyone! Recently, I visited New Orleans with my mom on a quick weekend trip, and I would like to share some photographs I have taken. I would like to tie in a lesson for you young photographers as well. Taking photographs of people in a new place can be scary because you do not know how they are going […]

What Does Femininity Mean to You?

Hi everyone! I am back with a topic I want to talk about: femininity. This topic has been prominent growing up as I grew up (and still am!) with a single mother and no father figure. However, femininity means something different to everyone. To me, femininity means female autonomy, strength, and courage. It also means unity among females across the […]

Asking Strangers to Photograph Them

Long time, no see! I have been very busy with school and especially with photography projects and events! I was recently named a 2023 finalist for photography for YoungArts Foundation, and the YoungArts week they held for all the finalists truly changed my life. During this week, I was mentored by the amazing and fabulous Corinne Botz and Elinor Carucci. […]

What Do You Think This Photograph Symbolizes?

A faceless person wearing a suit. Who is this person? Why do they have their face hidden? What do the pineapples on the face-covering symbolize? These questions could arise when looking at the photograph below. However, that is the whole point! This photograph, “Unidentifiable,” was inspired by my thoughts about teenagehood. As a teenager, it feels like one is stuck […]

My Camera Broke After This…

I went horseback riding in Colorado a few months ago and wanted to share the photos I captured. I had my camera out and ready at any moment (despite my hands becoming FROZEN because I took my gloves off so often). However, it started snowing violently in the middle of the horseback ride. In the midst of trying to capture […]