What Do You Think This Photograph Symbolizes?

A faceless person wearing a suit. Who is this person? Why do they have their face hidden? What do the pineapples on the face-covering symbolize?

These questions could arise when looking at the photograph below. However, that is the whole point!

This photograph, “Unidentifiable,” was inspired by my thoughts about teenagehood. As a teenager, it feels like one is stuck between being a child under their parents/guardians’ care and an adult with significant responsibilities and obstacles. With this in mind, my model’s face is covered with a shower cap that has a colorful pattern of pineapples which represents the childish facet of a teenager. The model is wearing a suit which symbolizes the aspect of the transition from a child to an adult with responsibilities.

Even though this is how I was inspired to create this photograph, it does not necessarily mean that is how the photo speaks to you. The model is unidentifiable, which, to me, represents how teenagers cannot identify as a child or an adult because they are both but also neither at the same time. Photographs are meant to be perceived by the viewers, and the viewers’ blank mind while looking at the photograph allows the viewer to make a personal connection to the art.

Keep in mind to create photographs with a personal connection to you, the creator, but keep in mind that this photograph can be perceived in several ways and should not “tell” the viewer how to see it, whether that be through the execution of the photograph or whilst titling it. Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for updates on future posts!

A man with a face covered in a tie.