What Does Femininity Mean to You?

Hi everyone! I am back with a topic I want to talk about: femininity. This topic has been prominent growing up as I grew up (and still am!) with a single mother and no father figure. However, femininity means something different to everyone.

To me, femininity means female autonomy, strength, and courage. It also means unity among females across the world. That is what always fascinated me when learning about the past feminist movements in history class: the way it brought together women of different backgrounds to fight for one cause.

A few months back, I captured a photograph of two of my friends I met in YoungArts week. I sought to experiment with various lightings, but when these two girls stood together as they were patiently modeling for me, I saw femininity and unity. With this in mind, I asked one to lean on the other, in order to evoke emotions of unity. I titled the final piece “Familial Femininity.”

A man with his head wrapped in a blanket.
A man with his head wrapped in a blanket.

To all the young photographers out there, I recommend opening your eyes to how important topics to you can be represented in your art. The magic of photography is being able to tell purposeful stories and evoke emotions, so use this gift!

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