Did I disregard once-in-a-lifetime photos?

These questions probably linger in every photographers’ mind. Did I miss any photos that I should have edited? Should I have edited more photos? Are these photos even edit-worthy? Well, a few days ago I went through some of my photos from my trip to Colorado, and I decided to edit a few. Usually, if I did not edit the photos right after I captured them, I would almost never end up editing them since I would be inspired to start additional photography projects to work on by the next week. Fortunately, I took a jump and decided to experiment with a few of the photos!

The first photo that I want to show is named “Alone on the Range.” My favorite part about this photo is the scale, lines, and pattern of the fence behind the cow and the texture of the mountains in the background. When I captured this photograph, a feeling of loneliness, yet freedom, swept over me. It reminds me of that same feeling when the world shut down a year ago today, and students across the country were forced to alter their way of life. At first, students felt free of normal responsibilities and difficulties. However, after a few weeks, this newfound independence was replaced by loneliness and despair.

The second photo I decided to edit is called “Shadows of Silence.” The shadows intrigued me as I was driving down this windy road in Steamboat, Colorado. The road was silent and deserted, which I reflected in my photograph. I felt as though I was the first visitor in weeks on this route, which was a calming rather than eerie feeling.

I encourage you to go through old photos you have been putting off editing! Listen to some music, and just edit and touch up as many photos as you would like or have time for. When I was editing these photos, I felt at ease as there was no due date or emergent need to finish these photos (besides the excitement of waiting to share them with you guys!). I took my time editing and naming them, which left me feeling accomplished, proud, and satisfied. To see more of my photography style and experiences, follow me on Instagram @sara.sphotography ! If you need any advice or answers to questions, email me at [email protected] or just press the contact button at the top of the screen! Feel free to DM me or email me with photography ideas or constructive criticism as well!

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