How to Capture Amazing Photographs Using Only Household Objects!

Due to the COVID pandemic, many of us young photographers do not have easy access to photography studios. At the beginning of the COVID crisis, I felt stuck and unmotivated. Even though I have been taking photographs at my house since the start of my photography career, when a studio, such as one provided by my photography class, became completely inaccessible during quarantine, I was not able to carry out creative ideas with as much ease and flexibility. Nonetheless, this has challenged me to grow more confident whilst capturing photos in the comfort of my own home.

Correspondingly, I had a recent assignment for my photography class to wrap a person or object in any material desired. I decided to capture a self-portrait (what’s new!) using my mom’s new curtains in her bedroom. These are the only materials I used:

  • Table to balance my camera
  • Curtains (of course!)
  • Myself!!

In conclusion, fancy camera equipment and studio lighting are not necessary (but can be helpful)! This photo was taken midday, so natural lighting from windows sufficed. In fact, natural lighting is sometimes the best type of lighting in my opinion, as it creates organic shadows and patterns. I want you guys to take away from this that if you have a passion for something, but you might not have access to helpful materials, you can still make do with what you have! Make sure to check out my Instagram @sara.sphotography to get updates about future posts!