Happy New Year!

First off, happy new year! This past year has been crazy with the pandemic. However, a positive thing did come out of 2020. My blog! I started my blog due to the isolation associated with the pandemic. It brought me the opportunity to express myself even more by having the ability to explain the photographs that carry great meaning to me. Additionally, I experimented with photography more as I possessed more free time than I normally would have had. I was even able to teach a few young students simple photography techniques.

Recently, I took the photo below that I thought would be perfect to start this year off with. “Aspire to Inspire” was taken to show my yearning for self-improvement and to inspire others. One could always find a way to self-improve! Specifically, I aspire to grow this blog, so more people can see my artistic expression. I will work on this goal by continuing to post and experimenting more with photography.

A woman with her eyes closed wearing a black and white polka dot shirt.
Aspire to Inspire