What Do I Do If a Photograph Is Not Turning Out How I Envisioned?

Hi! I have not posted in a couple of months because I was at sleepaway camp for seven weeks! I had a great time, but am ready to get back into my photography projects and blog posts! Today, I am going to share with you all an experience I had when a photographic process did not go how I planned initially.

I captured self-portraits during my first week of starting the tenth grade. This year, I have access to my in-school studio, which I did not have last year due to covid protocols. I was excited to use the studio lighting and backdrops, rather than balancing my camera on a table while I pose in front of a black blanket I placed over my closet door! I ended up capturing multiple portraits that I was fond of but utilized one in my ice project.

Once I chose my photograph, my teacher printed it out for me, and I placed it in Tupperware and poured water over it in order to freeze it. When I took it out, the ice froze lopsided, and I was bummed that this project was not going as I had hoped. However, I made the most of it by smashing the ice with a hammer to the point that it flew all over my floor! Then, I went to grab my camera, and realized I left my camera at school! I was starting to think that maybe this project just was not for me until I realized there is always a solution to a problem. I pulled out my iPhone and scanned the ice melting on my portrait. I then uploaded it to lightroom and edited the lighting. Voila! I created a piece of art out of overly thick ice and my iPhone!

I want all of you to remember that even if something does not go your way at first, it is important to be resourceful and make the most of what you have at the moment. Art is never perfect, and imperfections are what make a photograph spectacular. To get updates about future posts, follow my Instagram and Pinterest which are linked below! I am going to continue playing with these self-portraits, so make sure to follow along on my journey by continuing to check out my blog.

A woman with long hair is standing in the dark.
A woman with long hair is standing in the dark.
A woman with long hair is looking into the distance.
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