Poking Holes Through Photographs?!

Hi! Sorry I have not been as active. I have been working on a project series for a competition during the past few months, so I have not been shooting as many new photographs as I would like to. However, I will be doing so in the next few weeks.

Nevertheless, I still managed to find time to experiment more with the self-portraits I captured a few weeks ago. My previous post was an ice experiment on a photograph. This time, inspired by photographs my photography teacher showed me in class, I experimented with poking holes through a photograph and shining light behind it.

I started poking holes in a photograph using a thumbtack, but after 45 minutes of poking, I realized I wanted to create a different effect, so I re-poked the photograph. Then, I taped this printed photograph onto a light and reshot the photograph. After multiple attempts of poking and accidentally stabbing my fingers, I captured the photograph I had envisioned and am proud of.

With this project in mind, I encourage all of you to try and keep trying until you are satisfied with your art. Do not settle for something because you are too lazy to re-do it because it will be worth it in the end. You can even try poking holes in a photograph, but be careful not to accidentally stab your fingers as I did! Follow my Pinterest and Instagram to get updates for future posts!

A woman with long hair and bare chest in dark room.
A woman with long hair and bare chest in dark room.