Salting Photographs > Salting Food

Do you like salting your food? If so, try salting your photographs! You might ask, “Wait, you eat photos?” No!

Salt is a great texture, as each grain of salt is different than another. When combined with water, the salt dissolves, as some of you might have learned in chemistry class! Thus, when putting water first and then adding salt, you get this amazing textural design. I used brown paint combined with water to match the sepia coloration of the original photograph.

I utilized pink Himalayan salt combined with white table salt. I first painted the water with a tint of brown on the highlights of the photograph. Then, I put the combination of salt on these places. The end result was phenomenal, as the warm pink salt balanced with the warm sepia tone of the self-portrait.

Even if an idea seems absurd or unconventional, I encourage you to test it out. These past few weeks I have been doing nothing but experimenting with new alternative processes. I love the distinctive look it gives a photo because even if two people alter the same image with either salt, ice, or holes, it will always look unique! Follow my Instagram and Pinterest for updates about future posts!

A woman with brown skin and hair is covered in mud.
A woman with brown skin and hair is covered in mud.