Documenting Littering in the Everglades

Does anyone remember my posts from last summer from the Everglades? I am not even sure if they are still up on my blog, but I remember taking thousands of photos at sunset over the Everglades. Anyways, I continued on with this tradition and took some more photos around the same area. Initially, I intended to focus on sunset photos, just like the year before, but instead, I was inspired to create a more meaningful story and message through my photographs.

As I walked along the side of the swamp, I observed countless pieces of trash thrown carelessly by civilians previously. There were trash bags, food wrappers, water bottles, and more. Yes, picking these items up would make a difference, but that will not stop future civilians from doing the same. Thus, I decided sending a message through my photographs by capturing photos of the trash. With this post, I hope my readers realize the danger in the way we, humans, treat our planet. This needs to stop! Follow my Instagram and Pinterest for updates about future posts!