How to Create Abstract Photos Using Minimal Objects!

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting a lot recently! I was wrapping up the school year with exams and finals. In a few days, I am off to summer break! Anyways, amidst all that studying and cramming, I was able to capture abstract photographs. This is not my typical genre of photographs, but I had an assignment in my photography class to capture an abstract image using symbolism to portray a distraction that is personal to you. I immediately thought of electronic devices as being a leading distractor in my day-to-day life. However, I wanted to create a story a little more personal to me.

This is when I decided to capture my chapped lips being a distractor in my daily life. Luckily, my lips are starting to get less dry as I nourish myself better everyday, but for the past year, but lips have been incredibly dry 24/7! Thus, I have made it a habit to take lip balm with me wherever I go!

To capture this story, I used a side-walk to symbolize my dry lips. I knew this photo would be abstract and viewers could infer various stories from the photograph. Therefore, I made sure to include elements and principles of design to ensure an interesting and beautiful photograph. I used line, texture, and emphasis. In this case, I utilized a sidewalk and a cool-toned lip balm.

Nevertheless, art portrays’ an artists’ mind, so you do not have to do the same thing as me! For example, you can use window blinds or even a soft or patterned blanket to create an abstract photograph while simultaneously keeping the elements and principles of design in mind. Just find an interesting object that conveys your story! Check out my other posts for more tricks for teen photographers like myself! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for updates on future posts!