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My Camera Broke After This…

I went horseback riding in Colorado a few months ago and wanted to share the photos I captured. I had my camera out and ready at any moment (despite my hands becoming FROZEN because I took my gloves off so often).

However, it started snowing violently in the middle of the horseback ride. In the midst of trying to capture as many photos as I could while staying warm, I must have dropped my lens cap. This led to snow getting into my camera! My camera was even glitching for a few weeks after this excursion. I think it is fine now; I hope…

Yet, it was all worth it! I ended up capturing interesting and unique photographs. I cannot just casually go outside in South Florida to capture photographs of snow! While in the editing process, there were lots of bright whites. To accentuate the wintery feel of this photograph, in LightRoom, I like to play around with the Camera Calibration and Luminance of the colors.

I am not telling you guys to break your cameras, but do take risks. It is usually worth it! Follow my Instagram and Pinterest for updates about future posts!

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