Skiing: Caught in Action!

Colorado posts continue! In this post, I am highlighting photographs of my cousin whilst skiing. I took a few days during my vacation to bring my camera around the mountain as I ski (with caution) in order to capture action shots and the environment around me.

While on the mountain, I ran into my cousin, and he asked me if I could take photographs of him skiing while I wait for him at the bottom of the trail. I was more than excited to do this! On this particular day, there was heavy wind and powder, so I was able to capture photographs with movement and texture. However, my hands were freezing, and I might have gotten some snow in my camera. Yikes!

The decision to take my camera with me around the mountain was game-changing. I was able to watch the world around me as I continuously stopped on the side of trails to observe my surroundings. I captured photographs that I would have never been able to do if I decided to leave my camera behind. Always take your camera with you because you never know what stunning photographs could be taken at any moment.

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