I recently went to Colorado and captured several types of photographs. In this post, I am exhibiting the photographs I took inside as I observed the light changing throughout the day.

I decided to utilize my favorite three photographs from this shadow series and make it a triptych. When capturing the middle photograph of the triptych, I saw incredible shadows coming from the windows, so I quickly grabbed my camera which was only steps away. Obviously, there will be times when you see something and can picture a great photograph in your head, but you do not have your camera with you. However, to limit the amounts of times this frustrating realization occurs, I recommend always taking your camera in the car with you or in a carry-on bag when traveling.

Below I attached the triptych as well as other photographs I captured that I loved the lighting in. Just remember, the sun is unpredictable, so to capture a photograph that is focused on shadows and/or natural light, you need to have your camera on standby! Follow my Instagram and Pinterest for updates about future posts!