A Real-Life Wonderland?!

Scroll down to the photographs below…you might be wondering if I took these photos on another planet or in an imaginary world! Well, I did not do either of these things. Duh, we’re in a global pandemic, we cannot travel far.

This is true that we should not travel far during a pandemic, but that is not the reason why I did not travel to another planet or an imaginary world to take these photos. I only needed to walk out my front door to take these photos! These photographs are of landscapes in neighborhoods, and then I used an infrared technique on photoshop. To do this, I utilized quick tutorials I found on YouTube by searching up “infrared photoshop tutorial”.

In order to create a real-life magical wonderland, the original photograph needs to have a lot of greenery. The greens in the photograph transform into pinks and reds! This can be done in one’s backyard, front yard, garden, or nearby park. This is a perfect activity to do during a pandemic as it is outside, so it is even safe to do this with a friend who enjoys photography. Take out your camera, find greenery, and then play around with the quick infrared techniques on photoshop! I would love to see any photographs you guys create! Email them to me using the contact sheet linked at the top of my website, or follow me on Instagram @sara.sphotography and direct message me! Follow my Instagram and Pinterest, @eyeofmycamera, to receive updates of future blog posts!