All of these materials from my kitchen, like parchment paper and tinfoil, have seemed to be useful these past few weeks as I experiment more with photography. During the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a project utilizing tinfoil.


I ripped up strips and shapes of one of my history essays and intertwined it with strips and shapes of tinfoil. Additionally, I tried to make it seem like ink smeared. In this photo, I am trying to convey the changes in history from using paper to, now, using funny silver gadgets. My first option was to cut up newspapers and intertwine that instead of my history essay with tinfoil, but nowadays it is hard to find a physical copy of the newspaper! I just made did with what I had, and I would say it worked beautifully.

In Vitro

In my second photo, I decided to wrap medical utensils in tinfoil. After taking photos of different tools, I concluded that the clamp would fit best. I, then, got a hold of a photo of a uterus. Altogether, the title of this piece is “In Vitro” which is a fertilization treatment given to women who are having trouble conceiving a baby. The tinfoil and white background represents the sterilization and coldness of the photo while the uterus represents the positivity of the photo that women are able to concieve due to amazing innovations.

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