Throwback Thursday: Scholastic Keys 2020!

This week, I am working on some unfinished projects, so I decided I would create a post on my past work that won me my first few regional photography awards! Specifically, I earned a Gold Key, Silver Key, and an Honorable Mention award from the Scholastic Art and Writing competition held earlier this year.

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

This photograph was taken of Emily Foster around 1 and a half years ago (her Instagram: @emmfosterrr) that won a Gold Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. I had her blow a piece of bubble gum and captured this amazing image.

Midnight Beauty

I took this photograph of my friend in just her backyard and won a Silver Key in the Scholastics Art and Writing Competition! I first laid out a black blanket on the grass as a background. Next, the model slipped on some black fishnets and strapped on a pair of black heels. Then, we were good to go! I had her play with a few different foot positions, but this photo was taken as she attempted to walk towards the camera.

The Moment Between Blind Luck and Indifference

This photograph won an Honorable Mention in the Scholastics Art and Writing Competition. I ordered a shirt with half checker print for the model to wear. The different patterns- from the shirt, dice, and eyepiece- make this photograph the interesting and appealing image it is. The symbolism of the dice is that life is like rolling dice; many aspects of life are just plain luck.

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