Summer Comes to an End

This summer has been incredible. I was able to take photographs that I would not have taken otherwise if I spent the summer at sleep-away camp as planned. Life is full of surprises, and I am grateful I was able to take advantage of the craziness of the pandemic to expand my creativity.

I decided to include one of my favorite photographs that I have captured and edited this summer. Many of my photographs this summer have been of sunsets and sunrises. Although, the photo below captures a child playing in the ocean on the fourth of July. The child present in the photo reflects the idea that living youthfully and as life is handed to you can be beneficial, especially during the stressful times introduced from the pandemic.


Before quarantine, I have not experimented a lot with candid photography. I usually love planning the photo-shoot with the models, poses, accessories, and background. Stepping out of my creative comfort-zone is one of the many things that I am thankful for this summer!

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