My First Post

Nothing is usual when there is a viral plague raging. I woke up to go get my hair highlighted and cut this morning. Under normal circumstances, I would walk into a normal salon greeted with hugs and air kisses, but today was different. I had to wear a mask throughout the whole time in the salon; I wasn’t allowed in if I wasn’t wearing a mask. There were very few people around which was eerie. Today was one of the first times I have resumed some of my normal activities pre-corona. It really hit me, this morning especially, how different the world has been during this pandemic.

The best thing to do at the moment is to try the best you can to protect yourself and others. Throughout this summer, my goal is to document these times as best as I can. I will also be having more time to work on photography and experiment with different projects. Make the most out of this crazy pandemic by focusing on activities and hobbies that interest you to improve even more. We might not get this much time to ourselves in a long time!


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